Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Using Raw Potato trick for Acne treatment

Using potato juice on face way my first acne treatment to clear my acne. With so many negative things goes through my mind before rubbing potatoes, finally I applied it by trusting articles published by reputed websites. It makes my skin so tight after drying that I was unable to speak. But it was very helpful. In just one use, I can't see any ance scars on my face. I like the way it reduce irritation quickly.  The whiteheads was still on its place but becomes very small and giving me no pain.
I have tried it many times in with different tricks. Below are some of them.

First trick:

wash your face with lukewarm water then clean it with dry towel. Cut lemons into thin slices. Rub it all over your face and use only few slice for one part and so on. When your face is covered with juice of potato, then let it dry. It takes nearly 10-15 minutes, then wash with normal water not warm, because we have close the pores on the skin.

Second trick:

In second trick,starting is same. You just have to make juice of potato by using use blender or other machine. Take that juice in a cup. Dip cotton ball and applied it on all over your skin. Similarly as above trick, dry it then wash. This is most effective but time consuming method than first.

How potato works as acne treatment?
Potatoes are rich in skin-friendly minerals that kills acne. Some components like phosphorous, sulfur, and potassium increases production of collagen and elastin which improves your complexion giving you younger looking skin. It also have alkaline property that treat clogged pores by removing oil from it. Damages of skin cell are repaired by Vitamin C. With little antibacterial property, It kills bacteria stopping them to form pimples.  Mild exfoliating property clear up dead skin cell. Bleaching properties reduce acne scars.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Is using lemon juice good for acne?

Most people found there suitable remedy of acne in which lemons holds higher position. Why it is better than other? The reason is its quick healing process and all in one solution to related to skin disorder. Lemon also acts as an anti-aging remedy. Astringents in lemons increase building of body tissue and remove sebum (skin's oil) from your skin. It is best to reduce redness caused by acne. Vitamin C in lemons act as antioxidant which is needed to encourage healing and prevent damages to your skin cell.

Is it suitable for all skin?
It is not recommended for dark colour skin (the reason is given below the instruction). According to research on citric acid, It seems to be harmful on skin as it creates likelihood of sun damage, you can still use it (just follow our steps). It is only recommended for oily skin type as it citric acid will dry out your skin.

Steps to use lemons:

Wash your face with lukewarm water and soap.  Clean your face with towel.
Squeeze few fresh lemons and fill a 1/3 cup with lemon juice.
Take a cotton ball and dip one side in lemon juice.
Rub very gently on your face. It is better to cover all area for better result on all skin of face.
If you feel stinging. then you should little amount of water in lemon juice.
Do Not try to spread juice with finger or the oil on it will reduce effectiveness
Wash it after 15 minutes. It is better to apply sunscreen as citric acid can cause sun damage.
Lemons are useful for one week when stored in refrigerator. It can be used even after three weeks, If stored in sealed plastic bags.

You can also try: Honey and lemon mask

I want to share some of my experience.Once, one of my friend got attacked by acne. As he know, I(me) have faced acne and know various treatment to cure it. So, I suggest him to try lemon juice on skin which I heard from another friend. After few days, he complaint me that his skin is getting darker than it was before. I got  totally confused by thinking ,"how lemon juice can make skin more dark?".

So, I got excited to see reason behind this. Researching many topics, I came across through an article clearly explained that lemon juice treatment for acne is not  recommended for people with dark brown or black skin.

In simple way, dark skin contains large amount of melanocytes, pigment making cell. Lemon juice when comes in contact with this cell inc eases production of protective antioxidants leads to creation of extra pigments. This make the skin more darker. I explained him this politely and suggest him to rub potato instead of lemon. It helps to make skin colour light.

Does drinking lemon juice can cure acne?
This question has different answer which is not proven. Some say "yes" and some "no". But it indirectly reduces acne.Actually, lemon juice improves immune system and helps to remove toxins. According to new research, toxins in body increase few types of acne. So, it can cure acne depends on the type of it. This research in not proven, but many people still consider this as true.

Does lemon juice help acne scars?
Most people choose lemons to reduce scars. But, there is no proven research to proof this statement.
Using lemon and sugar scrub is a good idea to exfoliant and clean all dead cell from your skin. You can apply sugar on inner part of cutted lemon and rub it. This will help to lighten acne scars too.